Urbanite Energies

The City is a place of constant motion and interaction. In this environment, Urbanites are in a continuous cycle of feeding and expressing energies. They need energy, they are energy and they need to create energy — even more than the wider population.

Metro has identified four hubs of energy that are vital to the Urban Metabolism. Each balance is complex and fragile, with various highs and lows associated with it.

i-ABSORB – Urbanites seek out stimulating content and experiences to become more interesting, more confident and to adapt to the ever-changing city. Too much stimulus can make them overwhelmed and too little can leave them feeling isolated or frustrated.

i-STRIVE – Urbanites are always looking to move forward for self-improvement or to stand out from the crowd. Working too hard at this can leave them feeling exhausted and too little can make them feel inferior to their peers.

i-INTERACT – Urbanites love communicating and bouncing off their peers whether for enjoyment, to feel secure or to learn and grow. Too much interaction can swamp and too little can leave Urbanites feeling lonely.

i-INVENT – Urbanites love creativity – they like to use it to feel dynamic and to stand out from the crowd. Too much can feel like too much effort and too little can create a feeling of anonymity or under-stimulation.

Metro understands how to help advertisers to feed the Urbanite Metabolism and have the greatest impact. Our exhibition at 19 Greek Street brought to life each of these energies and showed how we help our clients better engage with our extremely valuable Urbanite audience.